Emmevi Rubinetterie

Art. C04705F


Handle Decò/Stella collections.

finishes Code
CR00000Chrome C04705FCR
CC00000Colour/Chrome C04705FCC
RA00000Copper C04705FRA
BR00000Bronzed C04705FBR
CO00000Chrome/Gold C04705FOR
SF00000Soft colour C04705FSF
G00000Granite C04705FG
Levers and cover plates

Never use detergents, abrasives, solvents, chemicals, products containing muriatic acid, ammonia, acetone, bleach, household acids, various disinfectants, rough and/or metal scouring pads and/or sponges that may irremediably spoil the product surface. We recommend cleaning the product surface every day by wiping it using exclusively a soft cloth and water. Take care to dry immediately any drops or water build-ups since they may lead to the formation of lime scale deposits that could be difficult to remove at a later time.

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