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Art. 12161118


Brass adjustable shower column with revolving arm, diverter and shower support with external bath group. Set composed by:
- brass round shower head antiscale (C00655 ø 205 mm)
- double interlock brass flexible hose 150 cm (C02706A)
- 1 jet brass antiscale handshower (C02403)
- external bath group.

finishes Code
CR00000Chrome CR12161118
RA00000Copper RA12161118
BR00000Bronzed BR12161118
OR00000Gold OR12161118
Decò Ceramic

Never use detergents, abrasives, solvents, chemicals, products containing muriatic acid, ammonia, acetone, bleach, household acids, various disinfectants, rough and/or metal scouring pads and/or sponges that may irremediably spoil the product surface. We recommend cleaning the product surface every day by wiping it using exclusively a soft cloth and water. Take care to dry immediately any drops or water build-ups since they may lead to the formation of lime scale deposits that could be difficult to remove at a later time.

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